Vector Control

The control of vector borne diseases (Malaria/Dengue/Zika) within the region is a top priority for PeGar Asia Pacific.


In Vietnam PelGar distributes our highly effective Permethrin Insecticide through our key partner STMED Corp


All of PelGar's products that are distributed in Vietnam through STMED Corp are formulated at our production site at Telford, United Kingdom.  This ensures a finished product of superior quality that you can trust.

Take control and use STMED Permethrin 50EC for mosquito eradication.


STMED Permethrin 50EC is available in a number of different sizes to suit your requirements and budget.  (100ml through to 1 litre).

STMED Permethrin 50EC can be used for residual spray, ULV spray or bed net impregnation and can be diluted in water or oil.

Please can contact STMED Corp. for more information and orders.

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Dong Da, Ha noi, Viet Nam
Tel: + 84 (4) 22133555
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