PelGar International produces it’s own actives which are synthesised in the European Union and all have a European Registration Dossier. Besides producing finished rodenticide baits PelGar International also supplies manufacturing concentrate at 2.5% and 0.25% to the industry.

PelGar’s actives are the most widely used anticoagulants used in rodenticides. Each has a different level of toxicity to mice, rats and non-target animals such as birds and dogs. PelGar International’s actives in Asia Pacific are :-


ROBAN contains the active DIFENACOUM and is available in either soft paste sachets or weather resistant wax blocks.

Difenacoum is very effective against mice and has a good level of activity against rats. It also has a good profile being the least toxic to non-target animals such as dogs, pigs and birds.  Difenacoum will always be the product of choice where mice are the main problem or where there may be risk of secondary poisoning.

For example a 25 gram mouse only needs to consume 0.4 grams of finished rodenticide to receive a lethal dose.

BRIGAND & VERTOX both contain the active BRODIFACOUM, this is the strongest of the second generation anti-coagulants that PelGar produces.  A 250 gram rat only needs to consume 1.3 grams of finished product to receive a lethal dose, this makes it the first choice in most countries for rat control.

Extreme caution needs to be taken when using rodenticides to ensure that non-target species such as pets, livestock and children do not come in contact with the toxins.  Therefore is important that rodent baits are always used inside bait stations and once you have controlled your problem then all baits need to be removed from the area.

Our BRODIFACOUM baits are available in weather resistant wax blocks on soft bait sachets.  In Singapore though we also offer this product in a 300 gram caulking tube.

RODEX contains the active BROMADIOLONE, this product sits between difenacoum and brodifacoum.  It does not have the safety profile of difenacoum but is far less toxic to non-target species than brodifacoum.

The numbers on bromadiolone are 5.6 grams of finished product to kill a 250 gram rat and 0.9 grams for a 25 gram mouse.

As with our Brigand & Vertox range this product comes in weather resistant wax blocks, soft bait sachets and 300 gram caulking tubes.