Natural Pyrethrum


PyGar Natural Insecticide

PyGar has been developed for the professional pest management industry. There was a real need for the industry to have a natural product specifically designed to control insect pests in and around both urban and industrial sites.

PyGar Organic

In UK this is marketed as the widely known and respected Pyrethrum 5EW and is used for the treatment of a number of horticultural crops.  Containing ONLY natural pyrethrum and no PBOs this has become the natural choice of many growers

PelGar has over 40 years experience of natural pyrethrum formulation

PelGar utilises the natural pyrethrum extract from the chrysanthemum daisy (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium).  Our source of natural pyrethrum is some of the purest in the world and comes from Tasmania, Australia.

Our expert chemists at Telford, UK then formulate the extract into a wide range of products from organic horticulture insecticides, professional pest control applications and even natural insect repellents.

Made in Britain

All of our natural pyrethrum products are made in the United Kingdom by a team of specialised formulators.

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