Bait Stations


Bait Safety

When you are baiting for rodents it is very important that you bait safely to ensure that non-target species (pets, livestock, children etc..) do not come into contact with the bait.

PelGar International has developed to range of Rodent Bait Stations to ensure that you can secure your baits.

More regulatory authorities within the APAC region are stipulating on the rodent bait labels that rodenticides must be used in bait stations.  Please check the label for the country you are looking to use the product in.

PelGar Professional Rat & Mouse Stations

The PelGar Bait Station range are made in the UK, has been designed and manufactured to give the best functionality to you at the most competitive price.

The Rat Station is hinged on the right hand side which allows for full opening while the bait station is in place. The station has also been designed with rodent behaviour in mind. It has a textured ‘non-slip’ floor which gives it a more natural feel, full width openings for easy access with just a small lip to prevent water entry, and drainage holes in the floor for when the weather conditions get particularly adverse.

When it comes to placing bait the station is very versatile. Two bait reservoirs either side of the station each comfortably hold 100g of grain or pellet bait, while the horizontal bar can be added to secure blocks and pasta/paste bait.

The station will also safely house a ‘break-back’ trap with two location clips in the centre of the station, and a hole on the other side allows the trap to be set with a cable-tie without opening the box.

The PelGar Mouse Station has been designed for the professional pest controller and is packed full of features.

Within the Mouse Station you can use a variety of different bait formulations, this will allow you to tailor your rodent control program for maximum effectiveness.

The two bait reservoirs either side of the station have been sized to hold either 20g or 28g blocks, or alternatively loose bait such as grain or pellets. As well as the optional wall bracket which the station clips onto, there are also two holes in the lid through which a cable tie can be threaded to affix the station to pipes or other wall fixings.